Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld announced the launch of his magnum opus comic book property, Brigade, on the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform.

Brigade was originally an Image Comics property from the 1990s that featured Liefeld’s characters Battlestone, Coldsnap, Lethal, Seahawk, Thermal, Stasis, and Roman. The team formed Brigade and fought against the forces of evil.

Liefeld would offer a radical new vision of the team and story in a KickStarter campaign back in 2013. This new vision would see time and space under attack by multiple threats altering the course of history. In order to oppose those threats John Stone aka Battlestone assembles a new Brigade to defend humanity. Some of the characters that are expected to feature in the series were Knightmare, Cybrid, Lethal, Free Agent, Soldier, Kaboom, Shogun, and more. The first villain they were to encounter would be the entity known as Imperator, who is described “as a force of cataclysmic terror and devastation.”

The KickStarter campaign raised over $35,000 from 562 backers in 2013. One of the main drivers of the campaign was to deliver free copies of Brigade to comic book stores.  However, the campaign was never fulfilled. In a recent update on in August of this year, Liefeld explained what the main sticking point was and noted that he has been sending out refunds to people who have asked for them:

“After all the wait, my final hurdle is waiting approval for a corporate logo from a media partner to be placed on all the covers. I’ve given it a few more days because, quite frankly, it’s been this long, what’s another few days and having the logo would be a huge boon.

The next round of refunds will go out shortly. Also, I have received many requests for folks to jump on the campaign and believe I have the solution.”

It appears the solution he mentioned is the new IndieGoGo campaign.

While it appears that Liefeld hasn’t been able to fulfill the KickStarter campaign, he indicates the actual comic is finally ready to go. The IndieGoGo description for the campaign indicates it was created for fans who want to jump into Brigade.

Liefeld confirmed the idea behind the IndieGoGo campaign on Instagram as well.


The actual campaign offers three options.

$29 Brigade Basic Training – This package will get you 2 signed copies of Brigade #1 and a special variant cover.

$49 Brigade 4 Quadrant Pack – This package gets you two signed copies of Brigade #1 as well as two Deluxe Brigade variants.

$100 Brigade Super Pack – This package gets you the Deluxe variants , the two signed Brigade #1s as well as two additional exclusive campaign variants.

Red Flag

There is a serious red flag when it comes to this IndieGoGo. The actual campaign (Archive link: doesn’t provide any information besides the overview and the three perks. In fact, the entire story section is auto-populated suggestions from IndieGoGo providing creators with suggestions on how they should pitch their product.

Now. it’s fully possible this might just be an oversight because this is Liefeld’s first IndieGoGo campaign, but if you look at his original KickStarter campaign it has most of the information filled out.

The IndieGoGo campaign is looking to raise $2,500. It has currently raised $489 from five backers.