Timothy Lim Announces Crossover Between Rags, Punchline, and Black Hops!

Timothy Lim, the creator of Black Hops, My Hero Magademia, and the upcoming Trump’s Space Force took to Twitter to announce an epic crossover between Black Hops, Rags, and Punchline.

The crossover was teased by Rags showing off the cover by Punchline artist Matthew Weldon.

Timothy Lim gave us some details on how this crossover will work. He confirmed the all three properties operate in the same universe telling us, “They operate in the same universe.” He then explained what brings them together, “A new type of zombie outbreak brings them together.”

With three different properties crossing over, one might think it might be difficult to coordinate all the talent above. However, the teams figured out a plan on just how to handle a crossover like this. The book will be written by Brian Ball. Timothy Lim, Mark Pellegrini, and the Punchline team of Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon will be providing editorial suggestions, and Rags artist Luigito Tereul will be doing the art work.

Lim confirmed he does plan to do a variant cover for the series. If you were hoping the crossover might be a miniseries, you are out luck. It will be a one-shot comic, which means I’ll be expecting tons of actions as these three heroes take on the this new zombie outbreak!

The book is scheduled to come out sometime in the Summer of 2019! There isn’t an official title for the crossover yet, but it will be published through Antarctic Press.

Are you looking forward to this crossover? What are you hoping to see?

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