Joker director Todd Phillips took to Instagram to release another photo of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Phillips hints the photo isn’t from an actual scene in the movie, but is Joaquin taking a five minute break.

Take a look:

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On set. Five minute break. 📷 @nikotavernise

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While Phillips indicates this scene is a five minute break, it’s possible five minute break could actually refer to a specific scene from the film. Phoenix definitely looks in character as the Joker as he contemplates his next chaos-inducing plan or he could be pontificating about the structure and order of society and how it’s all wrong!

The Joker film has made excellent use of social media as it continues to promote the film throughout production. We’ve seen entire scenes where the Joker creates a panic on a subway. We’ve also seen first looks at Zazie Beetz’s character as well as what looks to be a member of Joker’s crew.

There have also been rumors that the film could hint at the Red Hood Gang. A photo from the the set revealed a newspaper that seems to recount a number of the gangs escapades throughout Gotham.

The film will explore Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck aka the Joker. Fleck is a man disregarded by society. The film expected to be a gritty character study as well as a broader cautionary tale. It will also be an original, standalone story never before seen on the big screen. However, from what we’ve seen from the set videos and photos it’s more than likely the film is drawing inspiration from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Killing Joke.

Joker will star Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron, Robert De Niro, and more. The film is expected to come to theaters on October 4, 2019.

What do you make of this new photo? Are you looking forward to the Joker?