There has been some question of what James Gunn’s specific role would be since he was recruited by Warner Bros. to work on Suicide Squad 2. Initial reports indicated that Gunn was confirmed to write the script, but he was also in discussions to direct the film. However, Michael Rooker recently announced Gunn would direct the next installment in the Suicide Squad franchise.

At Atlanta’s Walker Stalker convention, Rooker spoke about both Gunn’s firing by Marvel and his new job with Warner Bros. and DC Films. He called the firing “terrible,” and then went on to state that Gunn is not only writing the Suicide Squad script, but directing as well.

“It’s terrible, isn’t it? Yeah, but oh well, guess what? He’s on a gig already. Suicide Squad, that’s right. He’s writing it and directing it as well.”

Rooker’s comments could be premature, but he is close with the Guardians director so his words definitely hold weight as a testimony. The actor has worked with Gunn since Slither in 2006 and was a shoo-in when ultimately cast as Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s unknown at this point if Rooker will join the cast of Suicide Squad 2 but surely he has a job waiting for him if he wants one. His costar Dave Bautista, also outspoken in his defense of Gunn after the dismissal, expressed his interest in working on the film via Twitter.

James Gunn takes over for Gavin O’Connor on Suicide Squad 2. Certain roles may get recast or new characters will be used. Early rumors indicate Gunn is reworking the entire story and could introduce brand new members to the Suicide Squad. The movie might even reboot the DC Cinematic Universe or, more likely, be part of one that begins with Wonder Woman 1984 — which recently had its release date changed.

Unlike Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad 2 has no release date yet. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, meanwhile, is on indefinite hold and the studio may not even use Gunn’s script.