It was reported here only a week ago that news, rumor, and innuendo concerning The Batman could creep up overnight, and that is proving so true that it’s becoming quite literal.

The Revenge of the Fans reports there is an indication that star Ben Affleck and director Matt Reeves are suffering from creative differences over The Batman.

The two have different ideas in regards to the direction the character will go in this new solo film. Apparently, the proposal to recast Batman with a younger actor and telling something closer to an origin story is Reeves’s plan. Reeves wants that to be the entire arc of his film, and it is Warner Bros. who is trying to move him into a compromise that keeps Affleck in the role. The idea is that there could be a younger version of Batman in Reeves’ film, that is bookended by Affleck’s Batman. It’s possible it could be Affleck’s Batman recalling part of his past to a young Terry McGinnis. The story would then flashback to Reeves’ younger Batman and the story he has planned sans Affleck.

The report indicates that Warner Bros. would like to keep Affleck available for potential team-up movies with either Zachary Levi’s Shazam, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, or Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. However, Reeves is not a fan of that idea whatsoever, and doesn’t want his film to be tainted with the past.

The report definitely indicates that Affleck wants to return to the role and continue playing Batman. For years, before the release of Dawn of Justice even, Affleck was admittedly cautious about playing the Dark Knight, and fandom was mostly negative about his casting at first. Even so, Affleck appeared to be  up for the director’s seat of both The Batman and Justice League — possibilities that didn’t ultimately come true.

It’s more than likely Reeves might get his way. A number of rumors indicated that Wonder Woman 1984 was delayed 7 months because they are planning to use the film to reboot the DC Extended Universe. The major rumor from Grace Randolph indicates the end of the film could include a Flashpoint-style timeline change that will allow DC to recast Superman and Batman.

Randolph would state:

“Significant reshoots are coming. I am hearing that the movie is going to be reworked and become Wonder Woman 1984: Flashpoint. I don’t know if its going to be called that – but that’s essentially what it is. Which means the upcoming Flash movie is just a regular Flash movie.”

She would also add that it will be Wonder Woman who will cause the time shift because of her love for Steve Trevor. She doesn’t want to let him go a second time and ends up altering the timeline in her pursuit of love.

These are only rumors at this time but could mean big things to come for The Batman, good or bad.

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