Tragic news in the comic community shook the world Monday when Stan Lee passed away. Lee seemed vigorous and spirited when, not too long ago, he posted video to his social media updating everyone on his condition after recent allegations of elder abuse and predatory activities by his business manager.

Though he was 95, his death came as a shock to everyone including those working for his onetime rivals, DC Comics. As a whole, the company posted a touching tribute to Stan The Man on their Twitter account. It reads:

“He changed the way we look at heroes, and modern comics will always bear his indelible mark. His infectious enthusiasm reminded us why we all fell in love with these stories in the first place. Excelsior, Stan.”

Even though Marvel characters are more popular than DC characters on the big screen, and the pendulum swung in Marvel’s favor in print and elsewhere under Stan’s watch, he inspired everyone because his work and collaborations changed the game. Any history, outstanding grudges, or competition can be put aside.

Batman and Mister Miracle scribe Tom King is one comic writer who understands that. In his own Twitter tribute to Lee, King revealed he made a point to put “DC Comics presents” at the beginning of his stories as a hat-tip to Stan’s famous signature “Stan Lee presents.” He divulged this to Lee once and he replied in his usual wit, “Just write for Marvel.”

Stan Lee’s death leaves a massive hole in pop culture and comic books, compounded by the losses of his wife and muse Joan last year and his former collaborator Steve Ditko this past summer. All will be missed.

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