Marvel Introduces Brand New Superhero Duo Crescent and Io in Marvel Future Fight

Marvel continues to team up with NetMarble Games to create original superheroes for the mobile game Marvel Future Fight. The latest superheros to join the Marvel Universe and the game are the duo Crescent & Io.

Crescent & Io follow in the wake of Sharon Rogers, an alternate reality daughter of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter who becomes Captain America, and Luna Snow, an ice-wielding K-pop star.

Netmarble Games concept artist Yongho Cho spoke to to provide details about just who Cescent & Io are:

“Crescent is a hero with dual identities – when Dan Bi, who loves Taekwondo, puts on a mask, she turns into a dynamic Super Hero. Io is Crescent’s strong avatar and they share a strong and unique bond that allows them to be an incredible super-powered duo.”

Marvel Games Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann elaborates:

“Crescent, AKA Dan Bi, has an origin inspired by classic Marvel storytelling. She’s an independent but dutiful ten-year-old Korean girl raised by her father, a kind and wise antiques dealer. One day, after returning home from school to an empty house, she is confronted by thugs who claim that her father, who has been forced to provide mystical artifacts to the scheming sorceress Morgan Le Fay, is hiding something of great power in their home.

Running from them and cornered, she stumbles against a mysterious mask which, upon her touch, unleashes a 12-foot-tall glowing “half-moon” bear, which roars to her defense. Crescent quickly realizes she can control the actions of the bear which she names Io (after Jupiter’s moon with the highest density) and, now bonded to this mighty protector, sets out to find her missing father and stop the dastardly plans of the immortal and evil Le Fay.”

Another NetMarble Games concept artist Yongjoon Cho explained that Crescent’s design incorporates a “Korean traditional outfit” as well as a “traditional mask.” Cho also indicates Io is inspired by the Korean half-moon and has a half-moon symbol on his chest, it’s the same symbol on Crescent’s mask.

Crescent & Io

Marvel Games Senior Producer Danny Koo explained that the whole idea behind Crescent & Io came from observing kids putting on masks and declaring that they are superheroes. He took that idea and ran with it, collaborating with NetMarble to eventually come up with the idea that the mask would channel Io.

“Ultimately, we landed on the Asian Black Bear also known as the half-moon bear. The bear is a protective animal and if you look at it, it’s just like a giant teddy bear that a child would carry around with them when they are young. We decided to have the mask summons a half-moon bear spirit that is ridiculously big as possible.”

Koo also notes that the moon theme is heavily incorporated into the characters’ design and name.

“With the half-moon theme, we designed the half-moon motif not only on the bear, but also on Crescent’s mask. We expand that idea on her traditional Korean accessories that fits her personality. We named her Crescent, as you guess it, because of the moon theme. Io is also inspired by the astrological name for the moon that’s accompanying Jupiter like a true companion. “Dan Bi”, Crescent’s civilian name is the Korean word for both “welcome rain after a drought” and “a big bear”. “

Koo would also elaborate on Crescent & Io’s powers explaining that once she puts on the mask she summons Io. And while Io is as big as a Hulkbuster, he can also phase in and out of spirit. While in his spirit form he can absorb energy attacks. He’s also able to use his huge mass to protect Crescent. He also has a super strength and a supernatural roar. But Crescent has her own abilities. She’s a child prodigy in Taekwondo and is able to fend for herself.

Crescent & Io will come to Marvel Future Fight in the next update, where the character will find herself confronting the dark and dangerous shadows of Morgan Le Fay.

This actually looks like a pretty neat design. I like the idea of the mask enabling her to channel the power of Io. I wonder if there are other masks that channel other spirits, and I also wonder if the mask can only be used Crescent if it’s something similar to the Witchblade where it chooses its recipient or if anyone can wield it. Can Io be corrupted if Crescent loses the mask and it falls into the hands of a villain?

What do you think about Crescent & Io? Do you plan on checking out the character when it arrives in Marvel Future Fight?