Zack Snyder’s habitual feeding of fan speculation over his mythical cut of Justice League and his plans for the DC Extended Universe which involved Darkseid killing Batman has become a meme in its own right as of late. It’s more than likely Snyder will reveal more about his vision, but he’s not the only DC Extended Universe director who is revealing tidbits that were cut from his films.

On Twitter, Suicide Squad director David Ayer got into the act of “feeding speculation” or, rather, some jovial trolling.

It all started when Ayer debunked a statement stating that Ayer’s film was heavily edited by the film editing company Trailer Park.


Another user followed up on Ayer’s Tweet inquiring about an image involving the Joker that was allegedly cut from the film.

To this, Ayer replied, “That was the Joker and Superman fight that was cut.”

At first glance, a few might think “Wait, what?” as if there was substance to it. But Ayer clarified that he was just joking.

Still, some, perhaps a meager few, didn’t know Ayer was joking, as one user seriously asked, “Will you release the joker scenes that were cut from the movie? How much approx is out from the film.”

It’s also possible this individual was trolling or just checking, but given the nature of social media, you never know. This could lead to rumors of an “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad locked away somewhere featuring a Superman cameo. In reality, any such cut or cameo does not exist; Henry Cavill made it clear in 2015 he wasn’t in the film or going to be.

What is clear is David Ayer was taking a subtle jab at Zack Snyder, although he wasn’t mentioned in the exchange. Snyder’s presence on his social media these past few months speaking up about his vision strongly hints at anything but a coincidence.