Earlier this month on Twitter, David Ayer poked fun at Zack Snyder’s propensity to share his unused ideas with his fans, joking about an untenable Superman cameo in Suicide Squad and a fight with the Joker. While Ayer was just having fun, he still jumped on Snyder’s bandwagon and begged the question: what intentions did Ayer have for the film that were left on the drawing board?

Well, back on his Twitter last weekend, Ayer confirmed rumored plans that were on the table during Suicide Squad’s pre-production, and they are bigger than anyone thought. It turns out Steppenwolf was meant to be the villain. Responding first to a fan, one who calls for the release of the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League, Ayer stated the initial plot would’ve had Steppenwolf staging an invasion with his Parademons and taking control of Enchantress’s mind with a Mother Box.

But, of course, plans change as they are wont to do and ultimately Enchantress acted under her own accord to defy Amanda Waller and get her heart back. What was going to be a boom tube became, as Deadshot put it, a magical “ring of trash,” and Steppenwolf did not appear until Justice League where he may or may not have been serving a higher power in bringing the Mother Boxes together.

Another revelation confirmed by Ayer with a terse “Yep” concerns Enchantress’s zombie army — whose heads look like literal blackberries. Described by one Twitter user as “jelly goop monsters,” they were standing in for the superior and much more formidable Parademons.

Steppenwolf received a substitute too in the form of Enchantress’s reanimated brother Incubus, her enforcer who fought Diablo to a fatal and explosive standstill. That fight, a result of reworking the script after Warner Bros. changed direction, was supposed to be a climactic battle with Steppenwolf himself.

As you might expect, calls for the “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad are gaining momentum. Likewise, fuel is added to the fire that is the Snyder Cut and the demand for its release by the studio.

What do you think? Would the addition of Steppenwolf really have made a difference? Are Ayer and Snyder’s hamstrung visions being cheated?