This time of year always brings out the best in people. And Captian Kirk actor William Shatner is no different. He is leading a campaign to help fulfill a dying boy’s wish.

Shatner took to Twitter to ask his followers in joining him in sending Holiday Cards to 14 year-old Maddox Hyde, who has only been given a few weeks left to live. Hyde asked to receive Christmas cards from near and far.

Maddox Hyde is an 8th grade student who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. According to the Mayo Clinic, neuroblastoma is a form of cancer “that develops from immature nerve cells.” The cancer is normally found in or near the adrenal glands, but it can also develop in the abdomen, chest, neck and near the spine.

Maddox’s neuroblastoma developed on his right adrenal gland. He’s been fighting the cancer for over 8 years seeing the cancer originally go into remission. However, doctors would discover a tumor on his right hip that was inoperable. He would once again go into remission, but the good news was short lived.

Maddox Hyde

Maddox Hyde

According to Maddox’s mom, Kristi Potter, just three days after he went into remission, he was paralyzed diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. He would spend two weeks in a pediatric intensive care unit while on a ventilator.

Maddox would fight off the paralysis as he spent two months relearning how to walk, eat, and write. However, doctors would then find a small tumor on his spine. After what appeared to be successful treatments, the tumor would rapidly expand in size. Maddox’s mouth became numb and he developed a new tumor on the back base of his head.

Maddox and his family have chosen to forego additional treatment and will instead focus on each other and keep Maddox’s pain under control.

While Maddox has suffered quite a bit in his short-life, many of rallied around him. A Pennsylvania non-profit helped him fulfill his dream of visiting Hawaii. But his latest wish is to get Christmas cards from as many people as he can, and William Shatner is getting the word out. He’s called on his fellow celebrities in Alyssa Milano, Chris Evans as well as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel to get involved.

And hundreds of people are already responding as they document their letters they are sending to Maddox.

It’s too soon to tell if Chris Evans or reps from Marvel have seen the request from Willaim Shatner. But it’s safe to say that many many people from each of the fandoms are sure to step up to the plate and send Maddox a card for the holidays.

It doesn’t have to end there. If you want to send Maddox a card here is his address:

Maddox Hyde
333 Ohio St.
Reynoldsville, PA, 15851

What do you think of Shatner’s use of social media? And do you believe that the fandoms will come through for Maddox? Chris Evans like many Marvel actors has a rich history of making wishes come true for children stricken by illness. I’m sure something will turn up.

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