Pokemon GO: The Top 6 Pokemon to Evolve with the Sinnoh Stone

Pokemon GO recently released Generation IV four Pokemon on to the platform along with a special new stone, the Sinnoh Stone. Here’s why it is extremely important to progressing in the game and helping you complete your Pokedex!

First, we have to talk about what Pokemon are coming with Generation IV. In Generation IV we will some brand new evolutions from some of our favorite classic Pokemon. For example, Eevee will get two new evolutions with Leafeon and Glaceon jumping into the mix. Personally, I’ve been waiting for these two for quite some time now. Rhydon will also be getting another evolution with the introduction of Rhyperior. There will also be a number of baby Pokemon like Budew and Munchlax.

In previous Pokemon games, in order to obtain many of these Pokemon you had to acquire specific types of stones. For example in order to get Leafeon, you needed a Leaf Stone. In fact, it’s been a game mechanic since the first Pokemon Red and Blue games where you needed Fire Stones and the like to evolve Eevee into Flareon.

Sinnoh Stone and Pokemon GO

Well, Pokemon GO will be flipping the switch so to say. Instead of needing specific stones like the Leaf Stone, you will need a single stone to evolve many of the Generation IV Pokemon. That stone is the Sinnoh Stone. While only needing one type of stone to evolve the many Pokemon will make life easier, the Sinnoh Stone is quite hard to come by, and it will make your decision on which Pokemon to evolve that much more important because the item is so rare.

How to Acquire the Sinnoh Stone

In order to acquire the Sinnoh Stone you will have to complete field research tasks. Upon completing 7 field research tasks across 7 days you will get a field research breakthrough. It’s possible to get a Sinnoh Stone as part of your rewards for the field research breakthrough.

Pokemon That Can Be Evolved Via Sinnoh Stone

Here is a nice chart of Pokemon that can be evolved by the Sinnoh Stone below:

Sinnoh Stone cross-generation Pokemon

As you can see there are quite a few options to choose from. With the announcement of the new Trainer Battles, some of these evolutions will definitely be more suited to PvP combat. That’s why we’ve created a list of the Pokemon you should focus on evolving with your Sinnoh Stones.

Tier One Priority:



If you need a solid ice and dark type of Pokemon on your roster then he’s your man. Though not the most powerful, his double ice abilities bring in some interesting choices. For example, his double ice move combination puts him on par with Glaceon, but it’s a little slower than Mewtwo’s Ice Beam. When you compare him to legendary Pokemon such as Articuno, then he’s going to perform much better. If you end up with a double dark move evolution, then his damage per second ratio is ahead of Tyranitar. However, his total damage output is still below that of the mighty Tyranitar.



Electivire evolves from Electabuzz. This Pokemon has some good electric type moves that will push you ahead of the pack during certain encounters. Thundershock and Wild Charge together create a combination that allows your own Electivire to be of a lower combat point level than your opponent, but still competitive. The one drawback to this Pokemon is that if you already have legendary electric type Pokemon such as Raiku and Zapdos, then this Pokemon’s advantage becomes moot.




One that is sure to be a trainer favorite will be Roserade. Right now this Pokemon is considered to be the best poison type live in the game. Much of this has to do with her double poison abilities that cut through fairy types like Granbull and Clefable.  If your Roserade ends up with Razor Leaf and Solar Beam, it’s still pretty powerful and becomes one of the best Grass Types in the game, but you really want to get those Poison moves!

Tier Two Priority Pokemon



Rhyperior is great if you do not have a Tyranitars with Smack Down. If that’s the case then Rhyperior is a good choice to make up for that. If your roster needs a boost in Rock and Ground types, then Rhyperior provides you with that as well as a good resistance to electric attacks that in certain encounters is huge.



Next up is Honch. Like Weavile this Pokemon is a dark type. And like Weavile they both match up pretty close when you put them against most other types of Pokemon. The only disadvantage when compared to Weavile for Honchkrow is his lower damage per second. Though there is something to say about crows and how cool they are in general.


Porygon Z

I won’t lie. I have been a fan of Porygon and his later evolution into Porygon-Z since, well let’s just say a long time now. But while I believe he’s a cool Pokemon that doesn’t equate to solid success in Pokemon Go. While Porygon Z has incredibly high stats, he falters because of his normal type status. Porygon Z isn’t weak, he just doesn’t stand out. He’s is the quintessential middle of the pack Pokemon. So if you decide on him, he’s not terrible, just not great.

You will want to evolve the Pokemon above before focusing on any others if you are specifically looking for the strongest Pokemon when it comes to Raids, Gym Battles, and Trainer Battles. Of course if you are looking to simply fill up your Pokedex you can evolve them in any manner you’d like!

Will you use the Sinnoh Stone based on how powerful it can help make your team? Or as you looking to just collect? Also, which Pokemon will you evolve first when you get the Sinnoh Stone? Let me know in the comments below!

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