NASA Responds After Fans Ask Them to Save Tony Stark Following Avengers: End Game Trailer!

Following the release of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: End Game trailer, numerous fans began petitioning NASA to save Tony Stark. And now NASA has responded.

NASA’s official Twitter didn’t say they would get directly involved in saving Tony Stark, but they did provide some advice for the Avengers who are still on Earth and how they might be able to save him.

First, they noted that the Avengers should open their communications in the hopes of receiving a message, “Avengers, we have a problem.” The “we have a problem” line was made famous by the Apollo 13 space mission which saw the crew abandon their planned lunar landing due to an oxygen tank explosion.

But maybe even in a bigger nod to the Apollo 13 space mission is the fact that Stark like the Apollo 13 mission is running out of oxygen. Not sure if this was done intentionally, but I hope that it was. And if you remember, the Apollo 13 mission was able to find a way out of their precarious situation.

Since it appears Tony Stark’s communications have been severed, they also recommended that all of the Avengers’ ground teams “use all resources to scan the skies.”

It doesn’t look like NASA will be much help when it comes to saving Iron Man, I guess they are too busy drilling a hole in Mars looking for J’onn J’onzz.

However, Marvel seemed to take the advice in stride. They responded, “Appreciate any help you can provide.”

As you would expect, fans were meme bombing the tread.

Mark Hughes, a screenwriter and contributor to Forbes, saw this as an opportunity to boost both organizations’ public relations by suggesting NASA’s new space suit designs look like Iron Man and War Machine.

Tony’s space problems are but one of the many issues facing a team broken by Thanos, who not only wiped out their comrades, but half of all living creatures in the known universe.

In the trailer we see a great deal of self-reflection, and even hints of characters coming full circle with their own story arcs as seen with Tony Stark. Though with the mysterious return of Scott Lang at the end of the trailer, it seems that the movie is going to be chock-full of surprises!

What do you think of NASA’s Tweet about the adrift Tony Stark? Do you think their ideas are worthwhile and might find their way in the upcoming Avengers film? And how do you think Tony will be rescued from his deteriorating situation? Let me know in the comments below!

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