Aquaman Rides a Box Office Wave Overseas — America is Not as Sold

Aquaman is tasting glory as King of Atlantis and king at the box office currently. However, while a hit for Warner Bros., raw numbers paint a picture of a blockbuster film performing modestly at home.

Domestically, according to Box Office Mojo, the film accrued $215 million so far — only 26 percent of its total haul. Its opening weekend — of over $67 million — is in line with initial expectations, which were considered dour at the time.

Foreign markets are where it is really making a splash, especially in China. Aquaman has been raking it in heavily there since its release in that part of the world ahead of its domestic one. All told, overseas numbers account for 73.8 percent of its gross, a whopping $606.6 million by itself.

Where it ranks among Extended Universe movies is pretty low. In domestic grosses, the movie trails behind Justice League and Man of Steel. It is expected to surpass the ensemble might of the League in time but adjusted for inflation, Aquaman currently ranks last out of six while the former remains in fifth place.

Among movies based on DC comics, Aquaman’s domestic growth is ninth overall, still behind Justice League. Rounding out the top five, in this case, are Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Wonder Woman, Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad. For the most part, there is no toppling those first three, not that there is any shame in that.

But, against David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, there is an interesting match-up. Aquaman, while unable to touch Suicide Squad’s opening weekend numbers in the US ($133.6 million), worldwide the underwater adventure already surpassed that film. And Aquaman could still catch up to the others since it’s still early in the game for it at theaters.

Regardless, on the home front, it has a ways to go, having some solid records to break, and abroad holds firm as the place the tide rises to lift this ship.

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