Marvel and Netflix released the first teaser trailer for Punisher Season 2 that juxtaposes Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle aka the Punisher with Ben Barnes’ Billy Russo.

Take a look:

Along with the teaser trailer, Netflix and Marvel confirmed Punisher Season 2 will arrive exclusively on Netflix on January 18, 2019.

The Punisher also has a brand new tag line, “He isn’t the one who dies. He’s the one that does the killing.”

The Punisher Season 2 will see Frank Castle fully embrace the persona of the Punisher as he faces off against John Pilgrim portrayed by Josh Stewart and his old friend Billy Russo.

While Barnes’ Russo is definitely modeled after the Marvel Comics character Jigsaw, Barnes revealed that his character won’t actually be referred to as Jigsaw in the show.

Fans of Punisher Season 1 will be familiar with Billy Russo. He was one of Frank’s best friends who ended up betraying him and the two had an epic showdown in the final episode that saw Frank take Russo’s face and rub it across broken glass, deeply scarring Russo but leaving him alive.

Barnes spoke to Collider to let us know what we can expect from Billy Russo this season, “He’s trying to piece together what happened to him and who he is. There is the metaphor at one point that his brain is the jigsaw that he’s trying put the pieces back together of.”

Russo won’t be the only villain for Season 2. He will face off against John Pilgrim. Stewart described Pilgrim as a “Christian Fundamentalist who had a rage, a violent side of him.” He added, “It’s buried deep. I think where this is all headed, that sort of side of him is going to resurface a bit.”

Costume designer Lorraine Calvert described Pilgrim’s character as “Alt-Right.”

What did you think about this trailer? Are you looking forward to checking out Punisher Season 2 when it hits Netflix later this month?