DC Universe, the on-demand streaming service Warner Bros. launched to showcase their library of DC-related content and compete with similar services like Netflix and the incoming Disney+, might be in a little hot water regarding its subscriber count.

Warner only got into on-demand streaming late last year with the premiere of the well-received Titans and the start-up of DC Universe, but some allege the venture is already proving to be less than lucrative for the brand. Thomas Polito, a writer for Geeks WorldWide, asserted his doubts about its viability when he tweeted the following:

We Got This Covered picked up the story, noting Polito doesn’t offer any sources, relegating his remarks to mere opinion and speculation. Warner hasn’t released any numbers but if there is validity to Polito’s words, We Got This Covered says it boils down to weak marketing and one tactical error concerning international distribution.

Original episodes of Titans, the streaming outlet’s halcyon program setting the stage for more original shows, may air first on DC Universe, but global audiences will catch it on Netflix, who acquired the international licensing. DC Universe is currently only available in the United States and it sounds like expansion is going slow. Rather than branch out to other markets, Warner is content with making a profit off licensing deals.

As good as viewers think Titans is (it has an 81% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes), the quality of the show isn’t moving the needle either, allegedly. That could be for a variety of reasons, among them: cost and people watching Titans through other means, i.e., a Torrent site. In any case, DC Universe needs another flagship show or two — and maybe more — to really give it a bump.

For some perspective, it’s still early for the service, a few months in operation. Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing haven’t debuted yet and the latter is shaping up to be really exciting. Anticipation for it is palpable; anytime new casting is publicized or behind-the-scenes images leak it is big news.

The first three episodes of Young Justice Outsiders did just launch on the streaming platform earlier this week. Outsiders is expected to have 26 episodes in total with new episodes debuting on Fridays.

There is also the upcoming Harley Quinn animated show as well as the live-action Stargirl in development.

Everyone may have to wait and see what happens when the green guy has his homecoming to TV this year. WarnerMedia could be putting their weight behind the Green and casting any worries.