Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures just released their trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and they revealed a number of villains that might resemble some of Spider-Man’s iconic rogues’ gallery, but are they really famed Spidey villains? Just who are they?

Sandman, Magnum, or Earth Elemental?

Earth Elemental

The first villain to appear rises up out of the Earth and has many fans believing he could be Sandman.

In fact, my first reaction was to believe this was Sandman. However, if you look more closely, his body is extremely rocky. It’s not fine grained sand as one might expect if it was Sandman. It’s a real short clip and Marvel does their best to make us think it’s Sandman with the dust falling off him, but we’re not falling for the visual effects. This is definitely not Flint Marko.

Another theory floating around is the idea that this character is one of the leader of the Elementals named Magnum. The Elementals were cast out of their own universe and arrived on Earth millennia ago. Magnum is one of those beings, and his specialty was the ability to control the Earth.

However, this creature looks nothing at all like Magnum from the comics.

The most plausible theory is that this is a character from the Elementals of Doom, four beings who are the living embodiment of air, water, earth, and fire. These beings would be controlled by the villain Diablo, a master of alchemy, and would be pitted against the Fantastic Four.

In fact, in their first appearance in Fantastic Four #232 the Earth elemental would easily subdue the Invisible Woman.

My best guess is that this is an Earth elemental.

Molten Man, Hellfire, or Fire Elemental?

Fire Elemental

If my best guess is that the earth-like villain is an Earth Elemental, it’s not hard to guess that I also believe the other villains who appear in the trailer are elementals as well. You would be right.

I believe this is a Fire Elemental that had no problems taking down Mr. Fantastic.

Molten Man

However, there are theories that indicate this could be Molten Man aka Mark Raxton. Molten Man’s inclusion into Spider-Man: Far From Home has long been rumored based off reports that the character was being included in Far From Home LEGO toy sets. Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been any evidence of the character showing up in a LEGO toy suit. This more than likely is not Molten Man.

Molten Man also has a storied history with Spider-Man, while he originally started off as a villain, who would eventually befriend Spider-Man, and aid him against other supervillains. He’s even acted as a bodyguard for Peter Parker’s friends and family.

Molten Man is a much too complex character to be introduced alongside Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, the main villain. It would be a disservice to the character to use him as a cheap villain only bent on destruction. I don’t see Marvel doing that.


That would leave Hellfire. Hellfire, like Magnum, is a member of the ancient Elementals. Along with the other members of the Elementals, he established a kingdom on Earth, but were defeated when they tried to expand into Egypt. Where Magnum controls the Earth, Hellfire controls fire. However, like Magnum, the creature seen in the trailer looks nothing like Hellfire.

Hydro Man, Hydron, or Water Elemental?

Are you seeing a pattern develop here?

Water Elemental

Once again, I believe this to be a Water Elemental. It doesn’t appear to have any kind of personality like the previous two monsters, and is solely focused on destruction. We never even hear it utter any kind of words.

Hydro Man

The Hydro-Man theory, like Molten Man, stems from the idea that the character will appear in a LEGO set. As with Molten Man no evidence of this LEGO set has been provided.

Hydro-Man aka Morris Bench is also a well-known Spider-Man villain having been part of the Sinister Six and the Masters of Evil in his career. It’s hard to imagine him being reduced to simply a man out for wanton destruction and in Venice of all places.


Like with Magnum and Hellfire before him, Hydron is a member of the Elementals, and controls water. And like with his other partners, he looks absolutely nothing like the creature we see in the trailer.


Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing the famed Spider-Man villain, Mysterio aka Quentin Beck, and he’s more than likely the mastermind behind the Elementals.

If you know anything about Mysterio, he’s a master of illusions from his career as a special effects man in Hollywood. However, he’s also a skilled chemist, a skill that could be useful in alchemy or the creation and manipulation of the four elements.

If Marvel and Sony stay true to Mysterio’s origin, he wanted nothing more than to become famous, and the best way to do that was to takedown a masked hero. He chose the inexperienced Spider-Man as his first target.

It’s quite possible that his origin might be tweaked a little bit. Instead of becoming famous by defeating a costumed hero, he might become famous by becoming a costumed hero himself. After all this is the world of Iron Man.

My theory is that Mysterio creates these Elementals in order to make himself look like the hero and thus become famous. In fact, reports indicate he will be teaming up with Spider-Man on the orders of Nick Fury. What better way to prove yourself than actually one-upping Spider-Man and proving you are the better hero?

This plan will work swimmingly for Mysterio. However, it’s more than likely he will lose control of one his creations and will be exposed as a fraud. I wouldn’t be surprised if after being exposed as a fraud, Mysterio seeks revenge against Spider-Man.

What Wasn’t Shown

The biggest question is where is the fourth elemental? Where is the wind elemental or the wind-based villain?

If you disregard the whole theory about Mysterio controlling and manipulating the Elementals, it’s possible the above are actually different versions of Magnum, Hydron, Hellfire, and Zephyr from a different universe.

If they do happen to be ancient beings, I wouldn’t be surprised to see their essences or spirits locked into some kind of physical. In the comics, they were actually defeated by having their powers drained and trapped inside a Ruby Scarab. It’s possible those powers might have been unlocked by Mysterio and he inherited and took control of the wind element.

However, I think this is unlikely, and we actually do see the wind elemental if but for a brief moment in the form of a thunder storm.

Who do you think these villains are? What theories do you have about the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer?