On December 28th, a video was uploaded to YouTube by user Marcus Rogers which captured a heated confrontation between a customer and an employee at a GameStop location in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the video, the customer, later identified as Tiffany Moore, a transgender individual, becomes enraged towards the GameStop employee due to their accidental misgendering of Moore:

The incident began when Moore, who was attempting to return a game she had bought for her son, was allegedly misgendered multiple times by the employee, who has not currently been identified. In reaction to being misgendered, Moore can be seen kicking over a display within the store as well as verbally threatening the employee:

“Take it outside! If you want to call me sir again, I will show you a f****** sir!”

Moore then continually demands the number for GameStop corporate before proclaiming that she would be relating the story of the incident to the entirety of the LGBT+ community:

“I plan on telling the entire LGBTQ community; you’re going to lose money over this!”

The employee can be heard in the video apologizing for the mistake, catching himself and immediately apologizing when he addresses Moore as ‘sir’ a following time, and then referring to Moore with her correct pronouns. It is unknown if, but based upon the video evidence unlikely that, the GameStop employee intentionally and maliciously misgendered Moore.

Following this incident, in an interview with KOB 4 Albuquerque, Moore stated that she believes her reaction to the accidental incident was justified:

“Yeah, I could have reacted a whole lot better. But you know what, I look back at it and if I could, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I would do it 100,000 times again. I would kick over that display 100,000 times again. Because my actions were justified. I mean, it was blatant and malicious hate. It was blatant and malicious misgendering.”

Conversely, Gamestop issued a statement apologizing for the unfortunate incident while also standing in support of the employee and praising the employee’s response to Moore’s outburst:

GameStop prides itself on having a very diverse workforce, many of whom are members of the transgender community. We proudly support and serve everyone who enters our stores regardless of gender or gender expression.

The incident that occurred between Tiffany Moore and our GameStop associate was unfortunate. We believe our associate acted professionally after mis-speaking by apologizing and remaining calm to de-escalate the situation.

Like other corporations committed to inclusiveness, we are continually learning. This incident reminds us to continue pursuing efforts to ensure GameStop remains a diverse, inclusive culture that celebrates every person’s unique value.”

What do you make of GameStop’s stance towards their employee? Do you think the employee was being malicious as Tiffany Moore claims?

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