Marvel Comics and Star Wars might have officially jumped the shark as they allowed the bumbling buffoon known as Jar Jar Binks to wield a lightsaber in Star Wars: Age of Republic Special #1.

Senator Jar Jar Binks and Captain Rex are taking part in the Battle of Mimban, and things are not looking good for the 501st. They are taking heavy losses attempting to take down a shield generator that has been set up by Separatist forces.

Jar Jar Binks is causing the clone troopers problems as he is seemingly running around in the middle of the battlefield. His reason for being there was to “interface with the mumbanese.” However, he’s apparently on the front lines and being shot at by droids.

After suffering heavy losses, Captain Rex decides to go it alone in order to destroy the shield generator. As you can expect, one clone trooper against an army of droids isn’t a good idea. Fortunately, for Captain Rex, Jar Jar Binks shows up with the lightsaber of fallen Jedi Laan Tik.

Jar Jar Binks lightsaber

As you can see Binks appears to be extremely proficient with the lightsaber as he actually takes on a combat stance. However, juts a few panels later he fumbles around with the lightsaber and claims he almost died five times wielding it.

And while Jar Jar Binks would see Captain Rex take the lightsaber from him, he would be given a blaster, which he proceeds to use proficiently, a stark contrast from how he used blasters in The Phantom Menace.

One thing is clear, is that this comic book will fuel speculation that Jar Jar Binks is in fact a Sith Lord and proficient with the use of the lightsaber.

The theory goes that Jar Jar Binks is really the Sith mastermind and not Palpatine. It points out that it’s Jar Jar who gives Palpatine his emergency powers that allows him to begin his conquest of the galaxy.

Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best fueled the theory back in 2016 when he revealed there was a deleted scene involving Jar Jar Binks and Palpatine.

“It was just me and Palpatine walking down the runway, talking about the plans to turn the Empire into what it had turned out to be. It was a very dark, very personal, very quiet scene, but for some reason, Palpatine decided to confide in Jar Jar that pretty much he was going to wreak havoc. Wherever that scene is, somewhere, that would really give great credibility to the Darth Jar Jar theory.”

While this comic will provide fuel for Darth Jar Jar theorists, it’s more likely another move in Marvel’s push to be a lifestyle brand and the idea that anyone can be a Jedi, even a bumbling buffoon like Jar Jar Binks. Unfortunately, it ends up cheapening the lightsaber and those who have spent years training and mastering it. This never should have made it off the editing room floor, or even been pitched as a story idea.

What do you make of Jar Jar Binks getting to wield a lightsaber? Do you think Marvel and Star Wars have jumped the shark?

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