Comedian Kathy Griffin decided to take on War Machine actor Don Cheadle on Twitter after he simply posted an image of a new hat sporting the Sleeping Giants logo. Griffin got a little more than she could handle.

Sleeping Giants alleges that it is a campaign to “make bigotry and sexism less profitable.” They primarily target conservative news outlet Breitbart instructing individuals to contact companies who have ads appearing on the website. It’s one that ends to combat bigotry and sexism in the United States.

Cheadle showed his support for the campaign by showing off his new hat.

It didn’t take long for Griffin to begin her mini-war with Cheadle, where she claims he posted a nasty Tweet about her after she received significant backlash for posing like an ISIS terrorist with the decapitated head of President Donald Trump.

Cheadle was taken aback by Griffin’s initial onslaught simply responding with a “huh?”

Griffin would then launch into another tirade where she calls Cheadle “a dick in real life.”

Griffin’s attacks not only caught Cheadle off guard, but were just downright confusing to anyone trying to figure out what was going on. Nevertheless, Griffin continued her attack claiming Cheadle “was just full of s***.”

Griffin would eventually reveal the motive behind her attack citing Cheadle’s Tweets between May 30th and may 31st after Griffin posted her photo with the Trump head.

Cheadle actually appears to be defending Griffin in the Tweet stating she “hates [Trump].” He would appear to question why Griffin would take such a photo.

Following, Griffin’s nasty attack and the revelations of her motives, Don Cheadle took some time to respond to Griffin, where he strongly defended himself.

Cheadle would make it clear that he doesn’t harbor any ill will to Griffin.

Griffin would respond noting she has “a lot of respect” for Cheadle and explain she’s “still frustrated that 17 months after the Trump pic I still don’t have a significant public advocate.”

It didn’t take long for people to question the entire incident and wonder why Griffin would suddenly out of the blue target Don Cheadle over a Tweet that he posted more than a year ago.

What do you make of Griffin’s attack on Don Cheadle? Do you buy her reasoning that she lashed out at Don Cheadle because she’s frustrated no one will speak up for her? Do you think this could be a cry for attention? How do you think Don Cheadle handled the situation?

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