Over the weekend many celebrities seemed to have lost their minds because a number of Catholic school students wore MAGA hats and were confronted by a Native American protester. One of those celebrities was Kingpin actor Vincent D’Onofrio. D’Onofrio used the opportunity to target not only President Donald Trump, but all of his supporters claiming anyone who wears a MAGA cannot be trusted.

The cut and dry of what’s going on is an edited video that seemed to show teens from a Catholic high school surround and stare down a Native American activist. But like all things on the internet, there was more to the story when the entire video was released. However, celebrities, journalists, and others were quick to blame the teenage boys painting them as villains.

However, their outrage was completely misplaced. The events as portrayed by these celebrities and journalists was completely mischaracterized. In fact, the whole thing appears to have stemmed from a Twitter bot account.

Nevertheless, many still felt plenty of fury against both the teens and the MAGA caps they were wearing. In a now deleted Tweet Vincent D’Onofrio’s made it clear that he believes that those who wear the hat cannot be trusted.

Here is the tweet below:

Vincent D’Onofrio-MEGA Hat Tweet

While D’Onofrio did delete his original Tweet, many of his replies are still active.

Not only did D’Onofrio express a profound distrust for people who wear MAGA hats, but he also indicated he wanted to reeducate the Catholic high school teens in something that sounds like it could have come from Mao’s communist China.

D’Onofrio echoed support for Marvel and DC Comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz who suggested the idea of reeducation.

While Sienkiewicz suggested diversity reeducation, he has endorsed violence on multiple occasions against those he politically disagrees with. Most recently, he endorsed now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh being beaten to death.

D’Onofrio would not be satisfied with calling for the reeducation of these students. He would also go on a mini-rant lambasting Donald Trump.

What do you make of D’Onofrio’s statements? Do you think he will retract his statements?

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