Marvel and DC Comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz is now lying about his “Most Punchable Faces of 2017″ artwork. This is the campaign where Sienkiewicz advocated for violence against people like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer as well as people Sienkiewicz deems enemies like members of the Trump organization including Stephen Miller and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He would also target Sean Hannity, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump among others.

Bill’s lie was exposed by Graveyard Shift creator Jon Malin.

It all started when Sienkiewicz declared, “it sucks when you have to completely block and disassociate with an entire branch of family members.” He would go on a lengthy rant where he admitted he lives in a bubble, “If that puts me in a bubble, so be it. At least I’m in a BIG bubble with others who believe in reason, evidence, and truth.”

Jon Malin decided to educated this person about Sienkiewicz’s recent past where he was the one sowing division and dischord despite his most recent call for unity.

Malin would make his point clear by truthfully stating that Sienkiewicz “That’s all this is, any political rivalany (sp) challenger he vilifies.”

Sienkiewicz didn’t take too kindly to Malin pointing out his track record and that’s when he outright lied in order to hide his previous violent behavior.

Malin would not be deterred and show Sienkiewicz’s artwork.

While the artwork alone is not a call to violence. Plenty of things and people have been used as targets. What Malin is missing is what Sienkiewicz actually said when he was working on this campaign.

Sienkiewicz would include the hashtag #punchthemall during the campaign. That’s a specific call for violence if I’ve ever seen one. And he makes that call to violence against Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity, Stephen Miller, Matt Lauer, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ajit Pai, Tucker Carlson, Harvey Weinstein, and Roy Moore.

Bill Sienkiewicz not only drew targets on people he deems vile and repulsive, but he is now lying about making those pieces of art. This is the type of person that Marvel Comics and DC Comics are employing. A person who advocates violence against his enemies and then tries to lie about it to hide the truth. It’s simply disgusting behavior. Not to mention he endorsed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh getting beaten to death. His calls for unity appear to be a sham.