Star Trek Alum George Takei Describes Donald Trump’s Fast-Food Spread as a “National Trauma”

President Trump recently hosted Clemson University’s football team to celebrate their win over Alabama and securing the College Football National Championship. Due to the ongoing government shut down, the president bought the food for the event which featured a large fast-food spread.

However, Star Trek Alum George Takei took issue with the food the White House presented to the winning team. He described it as “stingy” and a “national trauma.”

Was it That Bad?

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence loved the spread and was going back for more. I

Lawrence told TMZ, “It was awesome. We had McDonalds and everything. It was good!”

While taking pictures with fans, Lawrence also revealed he hopes to return to the White House as a champion again, “Hopefully, a few more!”

McDonald’s and High End Athletes

Was the fast-food spread really that big of a deal though? Currently, the federal government is in the midst of a partial government shut down which didn’t allow White House staff to prepare a meal for the Clemson team.

President Trump opted to just grab food that he figured players would enjoy. Something down to Earth and easy going. Was he wrong? QB Trevor Lawrence didn’t seem to think so.

In fact, high end athletes seem to enjoy McDonald’s. Newsweek reported at the most recent summer Olympics in Brazil, the McDonald’s located at the Olympic Village “had to impose a cap on the number of items a single Olympian can order. That number is 20.”

There were long lines of athletes trying to get their McDonald’s!

Takei and Hollywood

Like many in the entertainment industry, this isn’t an isolated incident for George Takei. In the past the former [easyazon_link identifier=”B013Q1BVIE” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Star Trek: TOS[/easyazon_link] star has been quite critical of the administration for what he perceives as anti-LGBT actions such as the order to evaluate the position of transgender personnel in the military.

While Takei has made it a point to target Donald Trump on multiple occasions, he’s had to deal with accusations made against him. Last year he was accused of sexual misconduct. But around that time Takei was facing some issues of his own as he was accused of sexual misconduct by Scott R. Brunton.

Takei isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity who has taken issue with Donald Trump and his administration. Some notable examples have been Hellboy’s Ron Perlman and Captian American actor Chris Evans.

What do you make of Takei’s comments? Do you think serving McDonald’s to the National Champions is a part of a “national trauma?”

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