Ashton Kutcher Tweets His Phone Number – Wants “Real Connection With Real People”

Netflix’s The Ranch star Ahston Kutcher recently took to Twitter to reveal to the world his phone number because he missed “having a real connection w/ real people.”

Ashton Kutcher Tweet

Kutcher would delete the Tweet indicating he would “repost soon” and that “sms is a fragile beast.”

Kutcher previously indicated he would be changing his social media strategy.

People reports that fans who texted the number received an automatic reply, “Hey it’s Ashton. This is an auto text to let you know I got your message. Make sure you click the link and [add] my phone so I can respond to you.”

It’s unclear if Kutcher was being serious or if he was returning to his roots as a prankster. Kutcher famously co-created the popular MTV prank show Punk’d in 2003 with Jason Goldberg.

The show’s first episode featured Justin Timberlake. Fake federal agents raided his home and began seizing valuables because of unpaid income taxes.

Kutcher hasn’t strayed away from his pranking persona. He and his wife Mila Kunis recently gifted Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard a shower curtain with a giant photo of Kutcher and Kunis on it.

However, Kutcher seemed to be serious about making some changes in his life as he posted a number of New Year’s resolutions he was mulling as well as advice for his followers.

Do you think Kutcher was being serious about finding a connection with real people? Or do you think he’s setting up a massive prank? Or could it be a marketing stunt for one of his businesses?

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