Alterna Comics’ Peter Simeti reported police showed up at his home and had two guns pointed at his face in an attempted swatting attempt. Simeti’s story was corroborated by 1st Print Comics co-owner David Inguagiato, who was on a live stream with Simeti when the police showed up.

Fortunately, police were able to diffuse the situation and told Simeti that an anonymous caller identified himself as Simeti and reported that he had stabbed his girlfriend and that he was suicidal.

Simeti took to Twitter to provide an update on the situation after meeting with police on February 13th. He reported that the police have opened an investigation into the incident.

While Simeti noted he wouldn’t comment on the situation, he would later tell his followers to be on the look for anything “disgusting/suspicious/incredulous/boastful/questionable in regards to the SWATting incident.”

He would also inform his followers to not engage with people who are seen engaging in such behavior. He reiterated that people should send him a direct message and attempt to gather evidence that could lead to the capture of the person or persons involved.

Simeti would also reiterate that he’s dealing with a “REAL and UNKNOWN threat” on his life and the lives of his family, when a Twitter user referenced Ethan Van Sciver’s coverage of Simeti’s threat on his life.

Van Sciver posted a video to his YouTube page pointing out that Simeti had been targeted in the past for Alterna Comics’ social media policy regarding block bots on Twitter. The video would showcase a number of Twitter users including Renfamous who criticized Alterna Comics’ social media policy by referring to the company’s customers as “bigots and harassers.” Some users would specifically target Simeti calling him a “piece of s***.” Others stated the company supports “white supremacy.”