Alterna Comics Owner Peter Simeti Reports Police Raided His Home After Anonymous Individual Filed False Report

Alterna Comics owner Peter Simeti revealed on Twitter that police raided his home after someone called them with a falsified report.

Simeti reported he had “two guns” pointed at him after “someone made a call to the police and gave them my address along with a falsified report.” He would inform his followers that he was “shook up, but everything is OK.”

He indicated that police thoroughly addressed the situation and was grateful for their judgement and states it’s “the reason I’m even alive right now.” He notes “Things could have gone much worse.”

Simeti indicates that police told him that an anonymous caller pretended to be Peter. The caller said that he had “stabbed my girlfriend and that I was suicidal.” They would go on to give the police his name and address.

Simeti does indicate that he will cooperate with local law enforcement and he was thankful to everyone for their kind words tonight. He implored his followers to “please remain calm and do no accuse anyone or any group of people as being responsible.”

Peter Simeti had previously posted that he was going to be on a YouTube stream with Dave of 1st Print Comics discussing the comic book industry.

Alterna Comics released an official statement on Twitter regarding Simeti’s encounter with police.

We reached out to Peter Simeti for comment and he directed us to his Twitter feed and Alterna Comics’ statement regarding the matter.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B07645RPZY” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Sidewinder[/easyazon_link] creator Dennis Chacon indicated he was watching the live stream when the police showed up at Simeti’s house and condemned the individual who made the anonymous call.

A number of individuals in the comic book community expressed their solidarity with Peter Simeti.

Simeti was accused of being a white supremacist in January by a Twitter user who also claimed he was going to publish a comicsgate affiliated book.

Simeti made it clear he wasn’t part of “any ‘movements'”

Peter Simeti and Alterna Comics were also targeted last August by former Comics Alliance writer Jennifer De Guzman. Guzman revealed she went after Alterna Comics because they were retweeting and quote tweeting customers who purchased their products. The problem with that was that many of those customers happened to be affiliated with Comicsgate. De Guzman claimed those were “bigot dollars.”

At the end of August last year, Simeti and Alterna Comics would come under fire for publishing their social media guidelines which stated the company did “not condone the use of block bot/blind blocking/block chains or any other kind of program or practice that is used to block thousands of people, blindly, en masse.” The social media policy was condemned by a number of comic book creators including Tamra Bonvillain, Taneka Stotts, Matthew Southworth, Richard Pace, Kieran Shiach, and Darryl Ayo.

This type of behavior is absolutely sickening, and it should be condemned.

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