Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna issued a new statement following Funimation’s statement that they had replaced Mignogna on Morose Monokean II and would no longer be working with him.

Mignogna wrote on Twitter:

“My desire has always been to show appreciation. warmth and acceptance to fans of my work. Being part of this community has given both of my work and my life so much meaning. If anyone has been made uncomfortable by me, it’s not for me to contradict them. It’s impossible for me to discern another’s personal boundaries. I regret anything I have said or done out of ignorance that has put anyone outside of their comfort zone.

I love my work dearly, as well as the characters I’ve had the privilege to portray. But most satisfying of all has been the opportunity to share that love of this art form with fans all around the world. I would never have met any of you without it. Meeting each of you has so enriched my life, and I’m humbled to have received over a thousand encouraging messages in the last few weeks.

To my colleagues- I have considered you good friends for so many years. We’ve shared countless wonderful experiences together, and I never meant to do anything to offend or hurt you. Until these last few weeks, I had no idea that any animosity even existed. I’ve never had anything but respect for you, and I so deeply regret any words or actions that made any one of you feel otherwise.

In many respects, life is about course correction and growth. So many fans have written me over the years about very personal issues & struggles, and I have always done my best to encourage and support them. The truth is that I am just as susceptible to struggles and difficulties as anyone. I have identified areas in which I need growth, and am taking this time to recommit to God and seeking the help of a counselor. I am committed to putting every effort into improving not only for myself, but for everyone I interact with. Each of you deserves nothing less.

Finally, please be kind to one another. The very last thing I want is for ANYONE to be hatefully targeted – especially not on my behalf.

Most sincerely,

Vic Mignogna”

Not only was Mignogna fired from Funimation, but Rooster Teeth also fired him from RWBY. A number of conventions also rescinded their invitations to Mignogna.

All of these moves came after Mignogna was accused of sexual misconduct. Mignogna denied the allegations in January stating:

“Finally, any allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or more disturbingly, pedophilia are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FALSE. My heart weeps for anyone who endures a violation of this kind, so to be accused of harming others in this way…I have no words.”

He would deny the allegations at an appearance at Bak-Anime 2019 as well.

What do you make of Vic Mignogna’s latest statement?