With Star Wars Episode 9 less than a year away it is shocking that we still don’t have an announced title for the film. This list will feature a few actual rumored titles and a few funny titles for the upcoming final saga movie.

10. Star Wars Episode IX: Come Back Everyone We Just Kidding With The Last One

Ok, this one is not very likely, but I bet it would increase ticket sales.

9. Star Wars Episode IX: The Lesser of Two Evils

This one is based on a joke tweet by Mark Hamill. He referenced a Futurama episode by this name. It is unlikely, but it makes more sense than Futurama’s name for IX, Yoda’s Bar Mitzvah.

8. Star Wars Episode IX: Now With 100% Less Rian Johnson

I’ll be honest, this is one of the top reasons I am excited about this next movie. Truth in advertising may help the franchise.

7. Star Wars Episode IX: Knights of Ren

Fans have been curious about this team since we heard the name. We saw clips of them in [easyazon_link identifier=”B019EG1TC8″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]The Force Awakens[/easyazon_link]. Seeing a movie that is dedicated to them may add a cool factor that Star Wars needs right now.

6. Star Wars Episode IX: Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

I promise this is the last joke about how bad Last Jedi was. However the title is true, a second chance may just be what this Franchise needs.

5. Star Wars Episode IX: The Chosen One

This references Anakin Skywalker’s Force prophecy from the prequels. This would be poignant if the chosen one is Rey. Especially if she really was no one.

4. Star Wars Episode IX: Darth Jar Jar

If you want to show fans that you value their creative input, this fan theory would go a long way to doing that. It is also a fun reason to kill off one of the most hated characters from the prequels.

3. Star Wars Episode IX: The End

With this possibly being the last movie to feature a Skywalker, this title makes a lot of sense. This would be the culmination of over 40 years of family history for the Skywalkers. It would also tie in nicely with rumors of other characters who may not live to see another movie.

2. Star Wars Episode IX: Lando and Leia Must Die

I mean come on, we all know for a fact that these two aren’t making it out of the movie unless of course, they plan on CGIing Carrie Fisher for a few more episodes. I’m not sure I’m fully against that either.

1. Star Wars Episode IX: Balance of the Force

This is my own personal favorite. It goes back to referencing the prophecy from the prequels, and it may give us a tie into the Clone Wars stories with a Force User who is neither light or dark side. Maybe, in the end, both philosophies are flawed when they are followed alone.

What is your favorite title for Episode 9? Which one do you think will actually be used? Do you have any title ideas? Let us know in the comments below.