After threatening to arrest their own convention attendees, Pensacon has seemingly walked back their more aggressive rhetoric and will now offer “public safe spaces” to protestors.

The convention that takes place in Pensacola, Florida posted on Facebook about their intention to initiate these spaces for protest.

“We want everyone to have a great time this weekend, as we always have since day one of the first Pensacon six years ago. With all of the recent controversy on social media, we want you to know that we are adding extra security efforts to our already strong measures, which includes our Statement of Values. We’ve been working with local law enforcement, our venues and other necessary authorities closely to make sure that Pensacon remains a fun and safe environment for everyone.

We’re also working with our venues to make sure that people who wish to peacefully protest are safe as well by establishing nearby public safe spaces where they can exercise their right to do so. We don’t want to see any form of harassment at Pensacon directed towards anyone and we respectfully ask that everyone abide by that request.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend!”

In a subsequent post to Facebook, Pensacon would attempt to explain their threats to arrest people for simply bringing up the allegations against Vic Mignogna.

“Let’s dispel any social media rumors or allegations now before they spread any further. We take all harassment and threats very seriously. The notion that Pensacon would not report any threat to law enforcement is ludicrous. Local authorities and other agencies have been involved since we began receiving harassment via email last week. Some of you have seen that these people have continued to attack our social media – even on our post today where we explained that our security is being tightened because of their posts. Our goal is to keep everyone safe. We look forward to seeing you all this weekend and having a wonderful Pensacon!”

While Pensacon appears to be walking back their threats to arrest people for possibly bringing up the accusations against Vic Mignogna, their posts to Twitter made it clear that’s what they originally intended to do.

In fact in one of their tweets they state, “if anyone brings this up, they will be escorted off the property by law enforcement.”

When questioned by the Twitter user on how they even saw their posts discussing defending Vic Mignogna at conventions, Pensacon’s Twitter account replied, “We have eyes everywhere.”

What do you make of Pensacon’s decision to include “public safe spaces?” What about their explanation to involve law enforcement?