Conservative comedian Steven Crowder reported last night that ABC “took down” his Anti-Oscars Party live-stream on YouTube.

He claims ABC “copy-striked our YouTube live stream.”

He would let his followers on Twitter know that despite ABC striking them on YouTube he took his livestream to Facebook.

Crowder claims the Anti-Oscars Party live-stream on YouTube was one of his biggest streams ever with “40,000 people watching and counting.”

Crowder would post a clip where he claims the stream was actually his largest ever.

“We were at 40,000 people watching on YouTube, our biggest stream ever, and mounting by the way. That was with only one guest. And then ABC decided to hit us with a copyright strike.”

He would go on to call ABC “pieces of s***.”

Crowder would elaborate on his thoughts concerning ABC’s actions to censor him.

“Here’s the thing you can take us down. I understand it. You are well within your right to be wrong. But you aren’t well within your right to break the law. And right now you are trying to silence people who are making you out to look like the fools that you are.”

Crowder would note that he plans to put the full stream up on YouTube tomorrow, but that it will be “edited to appease the powers that be.” He also states that “Disney/ABC hit us with a bogus copyright strike because the stream got too big.”

Crowder points to the fact that his YouTube livestream had more people watching than ABC’s livestream of the Oscars.

He would then intimate that he might take legal action against ABC.

In an Instagram post, Crowder would state, “tomorrow the war begins. I hope to see you there with us.”

As Society-Reviews notes, Crowder, whose YouTube channel has over 3.5 million subscribers, has had to fight YouTube constantly over censorship. Just last September, Crowder reported he received a take down notice for his video titled Change My Mind: Male Privilege Is A Myth.

This alleged censorship comes just days after Donald Trump Jr. wrote an op-ed in Real Clear Politics detailing how “anti-conservative censorship online has gone from bad to worse.” In his op-ed Trump Jr. details a number of instances of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter targeting conservatives with censorship. They would only admit it was a “terrible mistake” when conservative media began covering the censorship.

Do you think this was a case of social media and large corporations targeting a conservative entertainer? What do you make of YouTube and ABC shutting down Crowder’s popular livestream?

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