**Warning Spoilers for X-Men Dark Phoenix Below**

X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg revealed a ton of new information about the movie in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly following the release of the new trailer.

First, Kinberg spoiled the death of one of the major players in the X-Men. Now, he’s revealed that an influential member of the Hellfire Club will be making an appearance in the movie. Kinberg told EW that Selene will appear alongside Magneto and confront Jean Grey in New York.

“I can say who one of them is: One of them is Selene, who’s had a lot of different iterations in the comics and is part of the Hellfire Club.”

Kinberg did state that the Hellfire Club will not appear in the film, “No, they’re not in the movie.”

The Hellfire Club did appear in X-Men: First Class and served as the primary antagonists lead by Sebastian Shaw. The villainous group also included Emma Frost, Azazel, and Riptide. They would be joined by Angel Salvadore after they attacked a CIA facility that was recruiting the first members of the X-Men.

Who is Selene?


Selene was first introduced in New Mutants #9 by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema. The character is considered to be the very first human mutant or at least the oldest living mutant. Her mutant ability allows her to drain the lives of others in order to extend her own life. She also has the ability to control all forms of inorganic matter.

Selene would join the Hellfire Club as the Black Queen and soon begin a rivalry for control of the Club with Sebastian Shaw. In fact, Selene would eventually become the deciding vote to kick out Sebastian Shaw when Magneto became the White King. However, her relationship with the Hellfire Club was rocky and she even plotted to destroy it.

More recently, Selene has become a member of the Power Elite, whose members include Thaddeus Ross, Baron von Strucker, and Alexa Lukin. She is also the head of the White House’s Task Force of Faith-Based Initiatives. She also gets to torture Agent 13.


What do you make of Kinberg revealing that Selene will appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix? Are you interested to see in the movie?