Disney is instructing theaters to not sell Dumbo tickets until after the opening weekend of Captain Marvel.

Disney’s Dumbo is expected to hit theaters on March 29th, but Disney is instructing theaters to put tickets on sale beginning on March 11th at 12 PM ET. Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on Friday, March 8th. March 11 is the Monday following the opening weekend of Captain Marvel.

Disney does instruct theaters that they can post show times beginning on March 6th, but tickets are not to be sold until March 11th. They also instruct theaters that they cannot try and sell tickets until March 11th.

This news will almost surely fuel more speculation about Captain Marvel being the only film showing at a number of theaters throughout the United States and the world. If Disney is instructing theaters to post show times for Dumbo over three weeks ahead of time, it’s definitely odd many theaters were only posting Captain Marvel showtimes less than a week before its release date. In fact, a number of theaters in Las Vegas still only have Captain Marvel showings posted.

Rotten Tomatoes indicates there are a number of movies that are coming out on March 8th alongside Captain Marvel. They include The Kid, Gloria Bell, I’m Not Here, An Elephant Sitting Still, Babylon, 3 Faces, Black Mother, and more.

What do you make of Disney’s decision to not sell tickets for Dumbo until after Captain Marvel’s opening weekend?