Actor James Woods, who previously worked with Disney and provided the voice for Hades in the animated film Hercules, roasted the company and their upcoming Captain Marvel film with the distracted boyfriend meme.

Woods would write on Twitter, “When you have a choice, pick a movie where the studio doesn’t hate half its audience…” He then posted the distracted boyfriend meme encouraging his fans to see Alita: Battle Angel instead of Captain Marvel.

Woods previously told one Twitter user, “Okay. We will be happy to this one out then…” The user had stated “Dead white men haters, You’re not welcome at cinemas for #CaptainMarvel This movie takes a astand against everything you represent. Don’t pollute the audience with your toxicity. I stand in solidarity with every woman who has ever faced abuse.”

Woods is more than likely responding to the marketing and lead up to Disney’s Captain Marvel which has seen Brie Larson make a number of controversial comments about the film including stating she wanted fewer white men covering the film via reviews and on the press tour. She would eventually clarify those comments in a follow-up interview saying she wanted to “bring more seats up to the table.”

Larson has also described the film as her “form of activism” and revealed that Marvel Studios approached her to make a “big feminist movie.” She would then go on to state it’s not just a “big feminist movie,” but is about “intersectional feminism.”

In one interview, she stated “that was the patriarchy that was ringing on my parade,” when what appears to be a door bell is signalling the end of the interview. Larson also responded to the Captain Marvel smiling controversy by stating “it’s a depiction of the female experience.”

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