Mindy Robinson Calls Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson a “Man Hating Lead Actress” After Jack Posobiec Launches #AlitaChallenge

Mindy Robinson calls Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson a “man hating lead actress” after One America News anchor Jack Posobiec launched the #AlitaChallenge. Posobiec called for Star Wars, Marvel, and other fans to go see Alita: Battle Angel on March 8th instead of Captain Marvel.

Posobiec launched the #AlitaChallenge via a Twitter video.

In the video, Posobiec begins saying, “Hi Marvel, Poso here, y’all remember me,” alluding to his coverage of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s tweets involving numerous pedophilia references. Disney would fire James Gunn due to the nature of the tweets.

Posobiec would continue, “Guys, it’s time we had a chat. We are sick and tired of you, and your parent company Disney cramming your SJW bullcrap down our throats. You did it to Star Wars, you’ve done it to The Avengers, and now you’re pushing it with Captain Marvel.”

He adds, “So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to stop giving money to people who hate us. We are going to stop giving money to you until you start leaving the politics at the door.”

Posobiec then specifically points to Brie Larson’s comments regarding white men.

“Brie Larson and her little comments about this movie isn’t for white males. Sorry, just not that into it.”

He then concludes by announcing the #AlitaChallenge:

“That’s why we’re launching, and it’s already been launched on social media the #AlitaChallenge. This Friday, March 8th, go see Alita. Go see a real movie with a great female lead that talks about real issues. Not this pandering SJW crap. #AlitaChallenge”

Posobiec’s message would be shared by actress Mindy Robinson who describes Brie Larson as a “man hating lead actress.”

Posobiec had previously described Alita as a “boring mess.” He would also add that it was “somehow overcomplicated and too simplistic at the same time.”

Larson isn’t the only outspoken actor starring in Captain Marvel. Samuel L. Jackson recently targeted President Donald Trump stating he has a “big plantation.”

Avengers: Endgame actor Don Cheadle was also put on blast by Breitbart News’ Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson for Cheadle’s support of Sleeping Giants.

Will you be participating in the #AlitaChallenge? What do you make of Robinson’s comments towards Brie Larson?

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