Jerome Hudson Puts War Machine Actor Don Cheadle on Blast “You Will Not Silence This Black Man”

Jerome Hudson, Breitbart News’ Entertainment Editor put War Machine actor Don Cheadle on blast during a Blexit rally in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday.

Hudson called out Cheadle saying, “You will not silence this black man.”

At the rally, hosted by Candace Owens, who previously challenged Captain America actor Chris Evans, Hudson criticized Hollywood and the media.

“Hollywood and the establishment media are terrified of you, and they should be…they don’t own us, and they never will.”

Hudson specifically points to Cheadle’s promotion of Sleeping Giants on Saturday Night live.

“Don Cheadle wants to ruin my career. He wants to destroy the lives of the patriotic people, I have a blessing of calling colleagues. You see Don Cheadle appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live last weekend wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Protect Trans Rights.’ But on Don Cheadle’s head he wore a hat with the logo for Sleeping Giants, the far-left political organization that has launched harassment, boycott, and blacklisting campaign against Breitbart News and Fox News.”

Sleeping Giants claims it is a campaign to “make bigotry and sexism less profitable.”

Speaking with the New York Times, Matt Rivitz, the founder of Sleeping Giants explained he believes Breitbart’s content is “incredibly bigoted and racist and sexist.” The New York Times credits Sleeping Giants for having Workable and Kellogg’s pull their advertising from the website. In fact, The New York Times reports that in 2016 Sleeping Giants was responsible for over 2600 advertisers removing their ads from Breitbart.

The campaign also targeted Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. They had also targeted Bill O’Reilly when he worked for the network.

This isn’t the first time Cheadle was criticized after promoting Sleeping Giants. Kathy Griffin also criticized the actor after he promoted the campaign.

Hudson would continue his criticism of Cheadle:

“That is why Andrew Breitbart called this a war. Because the price we pay for daring to publish Don Cheadle publicly wishing for President Donald Trump to die in a grease fire is that he shows up on NBC promoting a left wing organization whose sole purpose is to destroy and lie about Breitbart News.”

He boldly states:

“Well, listen up Don Cheadle. It’s not going to happen. We are not going anywhere. We will be right here exposing the truth about your beloved Democrat Party.”

He then adds, “No, Don Cheadle. You will not silence this black man. This movement for freedom has gone global. And we are putting you on notice. We are not backing down.”

Cheadle wasn’t the only Hollywood celebrity Hudson called out. He also mentioned Samuel L. Jackson, Don Lemon, Spike Lee, Van Jones, and Jussie Smollett.

What do you make of Hudson’s comments on Don Cheadle? Was he right to call out the actor?





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