DC Comics editor Andy Khouri, who edits a number of Vertigo Comics titles including American Carnage, Goddess Mode, and High Level took to Twitter to insinuate that comic book readers and fans are villains.

Khouri would write, “What people actually mean when they say they want “non-political” comics like when they were kids is that they’re devastated to have woken up one day as an adult, read a comic book, and realized they’d grown up to become the kind of person their childhood hero punches in the face.”

His Tweet would be heavily criticzed with former Marvel artist Jon Malin writing, “They don’t want heavy handed, political bias. You think you’re here to win a culture war, you’re in business to entertain and create escapist fantasy for teens/adults that work hard and want to chill. You’ve contempt for your audience that votes different, this is why you fail.”

Others would also criticize Khouri’s statement.

Khouri’s blatant insult at his own readers most likely will not help DC Comics. The publisher, whose parent company was just acquired by AT&T, reportedly announced they will be cutting back on the number of comics they publish every month with the explanation being there are too many comics on shelves.

This report came after DC Entertainment laid off 3% of its staff.

Back in August of last year DC Comics Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio addressed the declining state of the comic book industry blaming “an over saturation of product.”

It’s quite possible they also might want to look inward at how their staff behaves when interacting with customers. I can’t imagine disrespecting customers like Andy Khouri does helps their business.

What do you think about Andy Khouri’s comments?