Captain Marvel hit theaters last night for general audiences and they are letting their opinion be heard loud and clear on review aggregate websites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

The Audience Score for Captain Marvel currently sits at 32% from over 58,000 reviews.

The movie fares even worse on MetaCritic with a user score of 2.5.

Captain Marvel Metacritic

Here’s a little bit about what people are saying on Rotten Tomatoes:

Shyam P writes, “sam jackson rules, as always. the cat deserves the biggest ball of yarn. and the popcorn in my theater was good.”

Ben K says, “This too me a marvel movie that is enjoyable too me but i feel like it isnt as good or as entertaining overall as some previous entries in the MCU. Would recomend overall but dont expect another Avengers IW or Black Panther out of it.”

Sean B adds, “Loved it. Easily one of my favorite Marvel movies and Brie Larson did a fantastic job as Carol.”

Geoff A writes, “A terribly generic, paint by numbers romp that has little to hold the interest. Stand out performances were from Samuel L. Jackson and the cat (although some of the cat CGI wasn’t completely convincing.). Brie Larsen as Carol Danvers never seemed to shift out of first gear and came across as one note and fairly bland. Had neither the charisma or physicality to pull off the role effectively.”

Suhaib Waqar J says, “One of the best from Marvel!!! Definitely going for a second screening…”

Rye A adds, “Visual quality as alwasy an 5 for a Marvel movie. The story and the other aspects are Meh…”

Michael V says, “Very average movie, expect more from MCU these days.”

And Karlo C writes, “Has its moments, but it’s certainly underwhelming compared to the previous installments in the franchise.”

Have you seen Captain Marvel yet? What did you think of it? Do you plan on seeing Captain Marvel?

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