Former Star Trek actor William Shatner jokingly called out Marvel Studios and the Avengers as “copycats” following the release of their latest Avengers: Endgame trailer.

Shatner took to Twitter to write, “😳Even the A in the circle… 😝.” His tweet was in response to a user pointing out that the new white Avengers uniforms showcased in the trailer look pretty similar to Shatner’s white Star Trek Admiral outfit.

White Suit

Shatner’s white suit is from Star Trek: The Motion Picture which released back in 1979. In the film, Kirk had been promoted to Admiral, but he still captains the USS Enterprise and leads it to save Earth from an alien cloud called V’Ger. Not only is he tasked with saving the planet, but he attempts to determine V’Ger’s origins.

It’s quite possible the suits could be a nod to Shatner’s James Tiberius Kirk as the Avengers are also suiting up to find the location of Thanos and save the Earth from his tyrannical decision to wipe out half of all life in the galaxy.

There’s quite a bit of speculation that these suits will be used to travel through the Quantum Realm and effectively time travel in order to defeat Thanos. In an extensive alleged spoiler posted on Reddit, the suits are described as life support systems for people traveling in the Quantum Realm as well as in space. They will need to use the suits in order to travel back in time to create duplicates of the Infinity Stones in order to power their own Infinity Gauntlet that has specifically been created with the Hulk in mind.

What do you think of these new white suits? Do you think they are an homage to Star Trek? What do you make of Shatner’s joking tweet?


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