Pacific Rim, Triple Frontier, and Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam was blasted after he admitted he was a “big fan” of University of Toronto Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan Peterson.

In an interview with Men’s Health while promoting his recent Netflix movie Triple Frontier, Hunnam was asked about his training for the film with a SEAL trainer.

Hunnam responded:

I really love the sense of seriousness with those guys—there’s no sense of life being trivial. There’s no flippancy, no triviality to those guys. They were just very, very serious. I really enjoy that. I’m a big fan of Jordan Peterson, as are a lot of people right now—he’s become quite an internet phenomenon, a card-carrying member of the intellectual dark web.

He continues:

“I love the message that he promotes, which is, “Take your life seriously.” Carry as much responsibility as possible. I think in his words he says, pick up the heaviest thing that you can and carry it.

That was very much the philosophy and mentality of these Special Forces guys. I really enjoyed being around that sensibility. In this day and age, everyone’s gown soft and entitled. It’s like, no, guys, you’re not entitled to anything.”

Hunnam concludes:

It’s like, “By your fruits you shall know them.” And that just speaks to the importance of getting out there and working for yourself. From living in Hollywood and being exposed a lot to the people of the film industry, I found the attitude of those Special Forces guys to be really, really refreshing.

It wouldn’t take long for Hunnam to be put on blast on social media for simply stating that he’s a “big fan of Jordan Peterson, as are a lot of people right now.”

You can see Charlie Hunnam in Triple Frontier streaming on Netflix now. Hunnam is currently working on Bush with Matthew McConaughey, Collin Farrell, and Hugh Grant as well as Jungleland with Jessica Barden and Jack O’Connell.

What do you make of these reactions to the fact that Charlie Hunnam is a big fan of Jordan Peterson?

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