A new rumor has revealed when Matt Reeves’ The Batman will take place as well as a potential logo for the upcoming movie.

We are learning of a potential time period the “starting-out” reboot, as Ben Affleck called it, could start out in.

That time, reported by Discussing Film and Batman-News, is the 1990s. In other words, not only will The Dark Knight be younger, but so will others, and everything may have a tinge of grungy, analog nostalgia. Like Captain Marvel, Batman may wind up in a Blockbuster after hours or chasing gangsters through a Circuit City.

In all seriousness, we are likely going to see younger actors cast as Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, aside from whoever else Gotham’s supporting cast has to offer. This is a familiar hook used by the showrunners of Gotham and the upcoming Epix series Pennyworth. Gotham City police chiefs and officers, villains, and the Wayne family butler all received more youthful iterations in the last few years on the small screen.

The Batman won’t tie into any of that but it is a similar idea. Gotham has shown hints of being set in the 90s, mainly in its choice of cell phone tech and automobile designs. Gordon, Alfred, and The Penguin are all spry and in their prime, rising through the ranks.  Reeves could give us more of that.

Speaking of designs and starting over, a new logo surfaced that could be used in the film and for its poster. Geeks WorldWide writer Thomas Polito tweeted a photo of the title, in a traditional font for Batman-related movies and shows, superimposed over a reworked bat symbol. Polito prefaces it’s “rumored.”

Not much authenticates this logo. It’s out there nonetheless. While it could wind up in the final product, there’s no way the layout is conclusive. Things develop and evolve by the day with The Batman and at the whim of the studio, it seems.

Warner wanted Zack Snyder’s vision to guide the creative direction into a shared universe but that only lasted a couple of years before they came down with buyer’s remorse. Now standalone, unconnected escapades are the model they swear by, but they aren’t repudiating everything Snyder. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins still lay claim to Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa carries the trident for Aquaman.

What’s more, if Ezra Miller’s gambit pays off, he will continue speeding through the streets of Central City as The Flash, in a solo movie darker than what Warner’s brass is calling for.

These are new stories, you’re moving on, but your casts are the same. It’s strange to be rebooting everything and yet not. Man of Steel wasn’t going to connect to anything larger, except those Easter Eggs; Aquaman deigned to reference Justice League, briefly.

On top of it, The Batman is coming down the pike, a showcase of a burgeoning Caped Crusader that isn’t supposed to be part of DC’s Extended Universe anymore — but could easily fit the slot of the origin story for Dawn of Justice’s Batfleck. Short of a Flashpoint-style twist or expecting everyone to forgive and forget, nothing is keeping Matt Reeves (or someone above him) from tying his script to established continuity.

Affleck left over artistic frustrations, among other things, but the official story is he couldn’t “crack it.” The door is open for him to come back. All that needs to happen is Affleck popping up at the end in a flash forward.

Production is slated to start in November and more updates will pour in by then. Anything can change between now and then, or the release date. The Batman is penciled in for June 25, 2021.