After exposing Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies’ deceptive editing, Jewish activist Avi Yemini called on Comedy Central to “sack” Jefferies.

Yemini exposed Jefferies’ deceptive editing using a hidden camera while Jefferies interviewed him for a segment that he would later debut after the Christchurch terror attack. In the video, Yemini shows Jefferies joking about dingoes eating Muslim children, drawing a picture of Muhammad, and denigrating the Muslim faith. The hidden camera video also showed that Jefferies cut Yemini’s answers to one question and put it on another in what appears to be an attempt to paint Yemini in a bad light.

Yemini called on Comedy Central to sack Jefferies. He took to Twitter where he wrote, “You tweeted SEVEN times yesterday, today NOTHING. Not even a simple ‘sorry’ to your fans for creating and publishing #FakeNews. Jim Jefferies you’re a lying scumbag and Comedy Central has to sack you. It’s the only option left.”

Yemini elaborated in a video telling Jim Jefferies to “step up and speak out. Apologize. Or Comedy Central let him go. If he was a conservative this would have been over by now. Stop with the double standards.”

Dave Lan called for Comedy Central to pull down the video describing it as a “dishonest attempt to assassinate the character of Avi Yemini.”

Some questioned where the Southern Poverty Law Center was and if they were going to condemn Jefferies.

Jefferies nor Comedy Central have made a public statement regarding Jefferies’ deceptive editing.

Do you think Comedy Central should fire Jim Jefferies after his deceptive editing was exposed?