Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Fullmetal Alchemist voice actor Vic Mignogna announced he had been reinvited to attend Kameha Con in Dallas this year.

Mignogna took to Twitter writing, “So very grateful and happy to say that I will be a guest at Kameha Con in Dallas April 12-14. Special thanks to the Kameha Con staff and con chair for the privilege to join you.” He added, “Let’s have a great show full of positivity and celebration of Dragonball will aht great attendees.”

Kameha Con confirmed Vic’s appearance with their own announcement.

They also added that “Kameha Con is founded on the celebration of Dragon Ball! It is a privilege to be supported by this amazing community and we don’t take that for granted. Thank you all for your support. It will never go unnoticed.”

Mignogna was previously scheduled to appear at Kameha Con as a guest. However, following accusations of sexual misconduct, Kamehacon indicated in February that he would no longer be attending as a guest.

Host of the Rekieta Law YouTube channel, Nick Rekieta reported that the convention had previously attempted to bring back Mignogna on as a guest, but received alleged threats and harassment from fellow Dragon Ball voice actors Monica Rial and Chris Sabat. The amount of threats and harassment the convention owner received were reportedly having him think about ending Kameha Con altogether.

“One of the last updates I got suggested that the owner was not going to do Kameha Con anymore. That’s what they’ve done to this guy. ‘I can’t deal with this. I don’t think I can do this anymore.'”

The majority of fans were elated with the decision to reinvite Vic Mignogna to Kameha Con.

While Kameha Con has reinvited Vic Mignogna to attend, it’s unclear if other conventions will follow suit. According to AnimeCons, Mignogna was disinvited from Anime NYC 2019, Kameha Con UK 2019, Raleigh Supercon 2019, Florida Supercon 2019, Rangerstop & Pop Con 2019, Kawaii Kon 2019, Kami Con 2019, and Kamcha Con 2019.

Mignogna previously appeared at Bak-Anime 2019, Ichibancon 2019, and SacAnime 2019 this year. He’s scheduled to also appear at Anime Matsuri 2019 and Hawaii Con 2019. Both Anime-Matsuri and Hawaii Con faced a backlash for inviting Vic Mignogna.