Australian activist Avi Yemini reports he’s been banned from Facebook for “hate speech” after exposing Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies deceptive editing and his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Yemini took to YouTube to explain:

“Only hours before Jim Jefferies’ show goes live, I’ve received a permanent ban from Facebook with a message saying I’ve breached the community standard for hate speech.” Yemini continues, “I have not posted about anything in the last week pretty much besides for Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central.”

Yemini then questions, “What’s my hate speech? Is my hate speech that I hate the fact that fake news is lying to the world? Is it because I hate Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central lying about me? What is the hate speech that I’ve preached?”

He goes on to state that he’s messaged Facebook, but he doesn’t expect a response because this is the third time he’s been banned.

Later in the video, Yemini discusses how he sees Facebook operating, “Facebook is a fricking joke. They are protecting their own and their liberal narrative. They will take down anyone with these arbitrary community standards. Everything I do goes against community standards.” He would also hope, “Donald Trump comes down hard on these social media giants soon. Because we need to stop the bias. Because the fact is if Donald Trump doesn’t stand up soon, it’s going to cost him the next election. It just is.”

Politicalite provided a screenshot of Yemini’s Avi Yemini UnBanned Facebook page being unpulished. As Yemini explained it reads, “You Page has been unpublished for using hate speech, which goes against the Facebook Community Standards.”

Yemini recently brought to light old clips of Jefferies’ comedy routines that are extremely disparaging toward Muslims.

This came after Yemini exposed Jefferies’ deceptive editing on his Comedy Central show following the Christchuch terror attack.

In the video, Yemini shows Jefferies joking about dingoes eating Muslim children, drawing a picture of Muhammad, and denigrating the Muslim faith. The hidden camera video also showed that Jefferies cut Yemini’s answers to one question and put it on another in what appears to be an attempt to paint Yemini in a bad light.

After exposing Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Show, Yemini called for Comedy Central to “sack” Jefferies.

Neither Comedy Central nor Jim Jefferies have responded to the situation. And that silence even has Piers Morgan, Dave Rubin, and others weighing in.

What do you make of Facebook banning Avi Yemini? Do you think their ban was appropriate or was it completely uncalled for?