The Disney acquisition of Fox’s entertainment properties has officially gone through. Disney even went as far as to update the banner heading of their website to include Deadpool as part of their plethora of entertainment properties. And that banner went up a few hours before their official acquisition.

With Deadpool coming under the Disney banner, there had been questions about what would happen with Deadpool given the property is not what one would describe as family friendly Disney. However, Disney CEO Bob Iger had indicated they might create Marvel R-Rated label where Deadpool would find a home.

Ryan Reynolds confirmed that his team was already working on a third Deadpool movie.

For the longest time, Reynolds was adamant about not making a third film with the Merc with a Mouth. Heck, he even said it in the film. He instead opted to relegate to a lesser role in perhaps an X-Force film. But now that the team film might be off the table with the House of Mouse in charge, it looks like the merc might have to swallow his pride and make another solo film.

In a promo event for the PG-13 release of Once Upon a Deadpool in China, this past January, Variety reports Reynolds jokingly confirmed he was working on a third Deadpool film.

Variety notes, “His team was already at work on “Deadpool 3,” he added, but didn’t directly address whether it would be made with Chinese censors in mind.”

Reynolds would note his team was “looking to go in a completely different direction.” He would add, “often, they reboot or change a character maybe like four movies too late.”

Reynolds even jokingly teased a title for the third movie after discovering the Chinese nickname for Deadpool translates to “Little Bitchy Bitch.” Reynolds posited the third film should be titled, “Deadpool 3: Little Bitchy Bitch.”

Now, it’s Reynolds, so it’s hard to tell if he’s being serious about the third film or not. Not to mention, it’s unclear what Disney’s plans are for Deadpool and the X-Men at this point.

There’s also the huge caveat that Reynolds made this announcement before Disney fully acquired 21st Century Fox and Deadpool. It’s possible those plans might have been scrapped for whatever Disney and most likely Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios has in the works.

But what do you think of Deadpool’s third film announcement? What do you think Disney will with the Merc with a Mouth? Will they include him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will he be isolated in his own solo film series? Or could he team-up with the X-Men in their own movie universe?

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