Martian Manhunter is an elite member of the JLA who didn’t make the cut in Zack Snyder’s vision of the DC Universe for reasons that are still unknown. But, with Warner Bros. turning a corner cinematically with the DC Extended Universe, the winds of change could be in the air for him.

According to a new rumor put forth by We Got This Covered, a Martian Manhunter feature film could be in development at Warner. No potential director was discussed nor was a definitive release date for such a project, but 2022 was mentioned.

In keeping with Supergirl, Smallville, and actors who voice the green Martian, the studio is believed to be looking for an African-American actor to star. Actors that have played the shapeshifting Manhunter over the years in animation and live action include Phil Morris (Smallville), Carl Lumbly (Justice League and Justice League Unlimited), and Kevin Michael Richardson (Young Justice).

J’onn J’onnz is portrayed by David Harewood on CW’s Supergirl and if the show winds up being canceled, it would open the door for a fresh start. Chances are the story will more personally explore the outsider aspect of J’onnz, who is the last of his kind and a stranger in the strange land of humans. Taking on the form of a black man, his Earthling identity is consistently used to comment on race relations.

Harewood has already been doing that on Supergirl so he would already understand the character well. If he is free, WB could bring him back for the presumably unrelated feature. A film unrestrained by network Standards & Practices would give him the opportunity to go deeper.

The rumor follows reports they are also developing movies surrounding Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, and Supergirl herself — all the more indicating the CW Arrowverse drama starring Melissa Benoist is going away. Very rarely do incarnations of a DC property coexist on TV and at the multiplex (ask Deadshot).

Fans hoped to see Martian Manhunter in the Snyder DCEU, going so far as suggesting Gen., and later Senator, Swanwick from Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice was an alien. The actor who played Swanwick, Harry J. Lennix, dismissed the notion, although he was into it.

What do you think? Are you ready for Martian Manhunter on the big screen? Who do you want to see play him?

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