Bette Midler Goes Off on Marvel Movies: “Unbearably loud…Make Such a Racket…Something for Young Men”

Actress Bette Midler, known for Hocus Pocus, Beaches, and The First Wives Club, went off on Marvel movies saying they’re “unbearably loud.”

Midler discussed Marvel movies in a wide-ranging interview with Variety. When asked whether she enjoys watching movies, Midler replied:

“I don’t really, to tell you the truth. They’re unbearably loud. They make such a racket. They don’t really have any decent dialogue. And there’s a lot of explosions. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like explosions. I’m not really an action fan. I think it’s something for young men. They like noise.”

According to Variety, the latest Marvel Studios film, Captain Marvel, saw males account for 55% of audiences meaning women made up 45%. They also indicated that “74% of moviegoers were over the age of 25.”

However, Midler did indicate she would be up for acting in a comic book movie, “Oh, sure. As long as I don’t have to bring the coffee.”

In the interview Midler would also discuss her political activism on Twitter:

“I participate in it because it can be fun. I’m like a broadcaster. I like to broadcast, but I don’t really like the feedback. I’m quite sensitive.”

Midler also seemed to credit Donald Trump for more women starring in their own movies in the late ’80s and ’90s. When asked if she thought her success contributed to more women starring in their own movies in the late ’80s and ’90s Midler responded:

“I can’t really say that. I raised awareness, but I don’t think I raised rage. I think actually it’s Donald Trump that did it, because the way he spoke about women confirmed what women believed men said about them behind their backs all along. And so that enraged them. Then the Women’s March came in and people started telling their stories.”

What do you make of Midler’s comments on Marvel movies? Do you agree with her? Could you see her playing a comic book character? Maybe Granny Goodness? What about her thoughts on political activism?

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