American Psycho Author Bret Easton Ellis Calls Media “Absolute Fools” and Demands Apology for Mueller Report Coverage

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis tore into the media on his podcast this week demanding an apology from his “friends” in the media for their reporting concerning the Mueller Report.

As reported by TheWrap Ellis, who is the author of Less Than Zero, demanded the media apologize for “Trump derangement syndrome.”

Ellis would state:

“I want to state that I am not a Republican, I am not a conservative, I am not part of the right wing, I did not vote for Trump, I am not part of the alt-right, I am not interested in politics.”

Ellis would add:

“Because I make fun of hysterical liberals — and why shouldn’t I? I live with one — as well as the crazy dishonest press, people think I am defending Trump. I don’t think it is about defending Trump at all, who I don’t care enough about, as much as it is about being lied to by the media.”

He would continue:

“There is no way to get around the fact that the mainstream media misled the country for the last two years. Period. I’m not saying that as a conservative, or as a liberal. I’m saying it simply as a witness.”

Ellis would then describe the media as “absolute fools.”

“This was the dead-end result of the mass psychosis on the left, the dead-end of Trump derangement syndrome, that is alive and well in our country, especially in the media, and is making them all look like fools. Absolute fools. And they should be humiliated by what they were perpetrating.”

Ellis would finally demand an apology from his “friends” and the media.

“There can be horrible shocking things in it that will implicate everyone from Don Jr. to Ivanka to Jared to Kid Rock. With that in mind, however, I would like an apology.

From every one of my friends or acquaintances or anyone I encountered on social media or watched blather away on TV for the last two years who insisted that the Mueller report was definitely going to implicate Trump in collusion with Russia, and will determine that the Russians stole the 2016 election away from Hillary Clinton and our whole national nightmare will finally be over, because the Mueller report will implicate Trump and he will be impeached. I want an apology.”

Ellis indicates that he doesn’t think he will ever get an apology, “But I’m not going to get an apology. Because y’all is f***ing crazy.”

This isn’t the first time the famed author has come out swinging. In February, he took a swipe at the Oscar nomination of Marvel’s Black Panther. He called the film a “piece of representation,” and would go on to criticize The Academy’s culture of representation.

“Representation is so important to them. And with a huge fatuous inclusivity and diversity push. What the most flattering pose might be in the moment — as if inclusivity and diversity have anything to do with awarding a movie’s merits. Yes, this is the culture the Oscars are pushing, and it is rather nauseating.”

Ellis has made it quite clear he disdains identity politics and the Hollywood on his Twitter feed.

What do you make of Ellis’ comments? Do you think the news media should apologize? Do you think Ellis is completely off the reservation in demanding an apology? Let me know your thoughts below!


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