Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo recently sat down with Fox 5 News to discuss their upcoming film. Towards the end of the interview, Joe Russo reveals the touching scene between Captain America and Tony Stark seen in the most recent trailer is not actually in the movie.


Fox 5’s entertainment reporter Kevin McCarthy brought up his favorite moment from the new trailer describing the scene where Tony Stark asks Captain America, “Do you trust me?” Captain America responds, “I do.” McCarthy then asks the Russo brothers what it was like to be behind the camera filming that scene given the history between the two characters especially following Captain America: Civil War.

Anthony Russo begins to answer the question saying, “It was an amazing moment, but we can’t go into too much detail.”  That’s when Joe Russo turns the question on its head. He interjects, “That scene actually isn’t in the movie. So, you know that we tell people that we manipulate the trailers in order to obfuscate what happens in these films. That actually is not in the movie.”

When asked if he’s joking, Joe Russo plays coy, “Am I joking?” Anthony Russo then adds, “The relationship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, I mean that is a relationship that we’ve been following very closely for a long time. That is a very special story arc.”

After McCarthy indicates he was crying while watching the trailer, Joe Russo backtracks just a little bit saying, “Maybe it is in the movie.” Russo would close out the interview making a Usual Suspects reference. “You know that end scene from the Usual Suspects where Chazz Palminteri is sitting in his office and he’s looking around and realizes that Keyser Söze made up everything. You’ve just been Keyser Söze.”

Here’s the Usual Suspects clip for reference:

What do you think? Do you think the scene will actually be in the movie? Or is it some subterfuge on the part of the Russo brothers?