Shazam! is doing so well right now you would expect a sequel to happen, right? Well, those of us who didn’t get our fill with the movie in theaters now can rest easy; one appears to be official as of this week. And the best part is the same writer-director team will have their hands on deck for DC and Warner Bros. division New Line (“The House That Freddy Built”).

Per The Wrap, we are learning Shazam! 2, yet to be titled, is happening. Screenwriter Henry Gayden, the hands behind the hit in the making, is coming back to write the script. David F. Sandberg will return to the director’s chair and uber-producer behind the last two DC blockbusters, Peter Safran, is expected to be on board too.

A recent statement by Sandberg that he is interested in doing another one, with the implication plans were already moving forward for the sequel, was the first indication the saga of Billy Batson and the Shazam Family would continue.

Sandberg spoke to the RadioTimes about a possible sequel. “Sure, I’d do another one.” He would add, “I mean right now, I’ve just been so focussed on finishing this one, so I want to take a little bit of time off just to breathe. Because it’s been like two years of just Shazam! But yeah, there’s certainly more you could do with the character and the story.”

They had so much fun the first time, why not a second go-around?

So far, Shazam! is a hot commodity at the box office, outdoing initial projections at the low end by over $10 million. Worldwide it sits pretty at a tally of $159.1 million. And Rotten Tomatoes certified it fresh at a score of 92%.

The third in a string of successes for the studio, it joins Wonder Woman and Aquaman as part of a revamped Extended Universe that keeps on growing.

Shazam! served up so much in one sitting that story potential for the sequel is limitless. The countless doorways at the Rock of Eternity and the post-credit scene opened up the world of magic past the Wizard (Djimon Hounsou) and the power of SHAZAM.

In fact, Sandberg discussed that post-credit scene hinting at more to come, “He’s just such a fun character. I mean he’s this evil mastermind, but he’s in the body of a little space worm.” Sandberg would add, “Mr Mind was my favourite Easter Egg in the film, though I guess he’s more than that as well.”

We know too next on the docket, and probably before another adventure for Billy Batson, is Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson. Black Adam was discussed by the Wizard but not introduced. A film surrounding him with Johnson attached has been talked about for years, never getting off the ground until now.

Once it’s wrapped, Adam and Billy are sure to lock horns in the kind of superpowered confrontation we’ve all been waiting for.

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