Netflix called for the term “chick flicks” to be officially retired.

The Netflix Film Twitter account explained why they believe the term “chick flicks” as it relates to movies that appeal to women should be retired.

For those not in the know, Urban Dictionary describes Chick Flick as “a slang term for a film mainly dealing with female characters and designed to appeal to a female target audience.” They add, “Although many types of film may be directed toward the female gender, ‘chick flick’ is typically used only in reference to films that are heavy with emotion or contain themes that are relationship-based (although not necessarily romantic as many other themes may be present).”

The Twitter account would go on to explain why this term should be retired.

They would go on to point out what they see as double standard when it comes to movies focused towards men.

Interestingly enough, if you search “Man Movies” on Google you get a number of listicles counting down the best movies for men or guys from Esquire, IMDB, and more.

Not to be deterred from their explanation, Netflix Film continued indicating that calling a film a “chick flick” somehow takes away from the work that goes into the film.

They continued stating that “nicknaming films ‘chick flicks’ drives home that there’s something trivial about watching them.”

A number of people promptly pushed back on Netflix and their call to “retire” the term “chick flicks.”

This isn’t the first time the Netflix Film Twitter account has found itself in the middle of controversy. The account was accused of participating in targeted harassment after Twitter user Joe Gil criticized Netflix’s The Unicorn Store movie directed by Brie Larson. Gil described the film as “bleh” and detailed that he saw the film as “just riding Captain Marvel’s wave.” For his meek criticism, Netflix decided to respond him with a list of Brie Larson’s film credits.

What do you make of Netflix’s call to retire the term chick flicks? Do you think the term should be retired?