Overwatch League analyst and purported brand ambassador for Ateyo MonteCristo attacked Riot Games for their newly released logo.

MonteCristo, whose real name is Christopher Mykles, previously was the color commentator for OnGameNet’s League of Legends, the main game developed by Riot Games.

Monte Cristo took to Twitter to attack Riot Games. He wrote, “Riot doubles down on their frat boy, fist bump imagery in spite of the problems with company culture.”

He adds, “Rebranding was an opportunity to show the change they purport to want, but as with everything else it is clear that they have no interest in actually reinventing themselves.”

MonteCristo’s reference to the problems with Riot Games’ company culture comes after a piece in Kotaku accused the company of having a toxic environment of sexism based off of interviews with 28 current and former employees back in August of 2018.

The article was heavily disputed by a number of Riot employees. However, Riot would issue a statement apologizing to their employees, contractors, and former employees, and they would highlight a number of ways they planned to address accusations including the creation of a new Chief Diversity Officer.

Interestingly enough, less than a month after Riot Games was accused of sexism, they would actually institute a sexist policy at their panels at the PAX West convention.

MonteCristo’s attack on Riot Games was roundly criticized.

MonteCristo would respond to some of the criticism stating, “Fist bumping is a massive part of Riot corporate culture. It replaced the hand shake entirely for them.”

As one user points out MonteCristo appears to be reacting in similar fashion to how Blizzard reportedly reacted to the “Okay” symbol being used in the Overwatch League Arena.

A logo of a fist bump has nothing to do with an alleged sexist culture. And to imply that the fist bump sign is somehow indicative of sexism is simply absurd.

The symbol and gesture is used as a sign of greeting. People use it to say hello or what’s up.

In many sports, fist bumps are used at the end of games in place of shaking hands with your opponent. It’s a sign of respect for a well-played game.

What do you make of MonteCristo’s attack on Riot Games and their new logo? Do you think the fist bump logo is sexist?